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….Fun, Fitness Circuits, Army Style!

Welcome to  the Military Workout, Circuit Instructor Course, REPS 16 CPD.You are probably already leading the pack, evolving your product and service with your great workouts week after week. Searching for new ideas, concepts and workouts on the internet, reading books, taking courses to further your knowledge.

 We totally understand how challenging it can be to constantly come up with new fun ways to motivate your clients. We have been personally been there.

Or are you one of those trainers who delivers the same or thereabouts session, week after week and then wonders why new clients aren’t queuing at the door to get onto your waiting list?

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you have room for more clients at your sessions, more days available to teach more sessions. Then change up your cadence and arm yourself with the complete blueprint, to offer inspiration, motivation and above all, value to your existing and ‘new’ clients. Its time to upgrade your game, put yourself into a position to succeed and let us help you to move up and onto the next level. More classes, more clients with our masterclass of practical and tactical information.

Upon passing the instructor course, fitness professionals will become a Certified Military Workout Trainer

You will have every ounce of knowledge you need, to constantly execute bootcamp or circuit based group exercise workouts to your clients. The workouts delivered on the course can be mixed and matched to give you a different weekly session, to deliver to your clients for one whole year. You will have more ideas and concepts than you have ever had before. Its fun, your clients will love it and you will enjoy teaching it.

This Instructor course is a REPS/Skills Active approved course.

   Suitable for gym, group fitness instructors, & PT’s, awards 16 CPD.

So whats in it? The Approved Military Workout Certified Instructor Training Course is jam packed with over 70 different circuits, drills and games.

Side Note: You do not have to be a member of REPS to become an accredited Military Workout Trainer.

Workouts Such as ‘The Grenade Circuit’ ‘Take Cover Drills’ ‘Charlie Delta Fire Teams’ ‘The Surrender Circuit’ ‘Hell 25′ ‘The Ladder’ and ‘Breakout’. We also want to make sure that you are safe, so we cover various aspects of safety with regards to lesson planning and outdoor/indoor risk assessments. If you already know this, great, its a good refresher. If not, we will teach it.

Top Tip: If your client ever has an accident, sprain or injury. When you complete the accident form, write the advice that you have given to the client on the actual form and offer it to them to sign. If required, at a later date, you can show that you gave appropriate first aid/advice to your client.  Again, most people have not previously covered this in their PT, Gym Instructors, so this is something we cover. Its Good Practice and its what we are all about.
  • Outdoor class safety
  • Risk assessments
  • Military Workout structure of a class
  • Partner drills
  • Team work exercises and games
  • Management of  group workouts
  • The Military method of instruction
  • Marketing Tips & Advice
  • Heaps of fun Military Themed group circuits

Ideal for  newly qualified or established fitness professionals who want to learn Military fitness techniques and methods of delivery ,or Ex Military PTIs. This will keep your classes fresh, fun and most of all, keep your clients coming back, with their friends!

Delivered by ex Military fitness professionals, with over 30 years experience. (We are a friendly bunch) Great for PT’s to generate extra income and provide a larger PT client base. Ideal for sports coaches, teachers to inject new ideas and fun into their sessions.

Course Aims (This is the information REPS wants us to have on here) The key aims and learning objectives of the Military Workout Approved Trainer’s course are to ensure that the student can safely plan and deliver a military style group fitness class, indoors or outdoor environment.  This will utilise a wide range of techniques and training methods use by the military, for muscular strength training, cardiovascular, endurance and flexibility. These classes do not primarily use equipment and are a cost effective way to deliver Military fitness to the fitness industry. Certification The Military Workout Approved Trainers course is accredited by Skillactive & awards 16 CPD points for REPS approved fitness professionals. Upon passing the course, fitness professionals will be awarded certification as a Military Workout Approved Trainer. You will also have access to all Military Workout marketing material, including listing of your classes on the Military Workout website.

Requirements To receive certification as an Approved Military Workout Trainer, you must be a minimum of REPs Level 2. Students who are fitness professionals but not REPs registered may also attend the course but will not receive the REP’s points. Non fitness professionals may attend the course, but will have to provide evidence of Gym Level 2 certification prior to receiving their Military Workout Approved Trainers Cert.

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