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Military Workout at Evolve PT UK

Location: Imperial park, Imperial Road Windsor, SL4 3.

What is it?

No two classes the same, challenging, innovative and fun, Evolve PTUK offers outdoor group military style fitness classes aimed to get you off the couch and into the open. Come rain come shine we will be there with you, pushing you on to reach your goals whilst having fun training with others.

Who’s it for?

Anybody from the ages of 16 and above with an interest in physical fitness. We cater for different levels of fitness by splitting the group into 3 different physical ability groups to help you to receive a challenging workout designed to improve your fitness, but one that is never beyond your ability.

Benefits of outdoor military fitness.

Anybody who trains regularly will tell you the limitations hitting a plateau will have on you reaching your goals, which is why our outdoor training classes will help you avoid hitting them. It’s outdoor training so that means fresh air something you won’t find in an indoor gym
Our classes will make sure you are trained in all aspects of fitness Agility, Balance, Cardiovascular endurance, Coordination, Flexibility, Muscle endurance, Power, Reaction time, Speed and Strength.

Class Times

Tuesday 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Thursday 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Sunday 09.30am – 10.30am


For More information regarding pricing options and terms and conditions.

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Trainer Steffan Harris and Jason Shaw email or call mobile 07534544822


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