Military Style Fitness for Men & Women

Clients, why choose a Military Workout Trainer?

Your Military Workout Trainer is a certified exercise professional. In addition to this he/she is an approved certified Military Workout Trainer, approved and endorsed by Skills Active and REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals).

By choosing an Approved Military Workout Trainer, you can be sure that your health and safety is, at all times, paramount in the delivery of exercise and functional fitness instruction.

All Military Workout Approved Trainers have;

  • met agreed National Occupational Standards (which describe the knowledge competence and skills of good practice)
  • hold recognised and approved qualifications, are
  • committed to their ongoing professional development.
  • In addition, Military Workout Trainers offer excellent value for money
  • and are committed 100% to offering safe fun fitness that works! 
  • In short, we genuinely care about you and your goals. Let us work with you, to help get you there.

This is a snap shot of what some of the awesome members have to say about Military Workout.

“I have never really enjoyed exercise and have joined the gym a few times but never been motivated to go. I was convinced to go along to MW and have honestly loved it ever since, and even now try to go twice a week. The difference in MW is the… lovely atmosphere of the group, exercising outside and the amazing motivation of Tessa. I am thoroughly exhausted at the end of it but feel great that I have got through it! Everyone works at their pace but we somehow spur each other on to want to keep up which is great. I am also amazed that 7 or 8 weeks in and 16 sessions I have never seen the same class repeated which is amazing. Thanks for being a great teacher, motivator and someone to aspire to. I would love to run for an hour just because I enjoy it!!”  Rach – Chepstow

“Great way to workout in a group of all ages, shapes and sizes, different fitness levels, fun, laughter, but at the same time working hard to where you physically and mentally want to be…and no lycra in sight…..whoop whoop hahaha!” Libbie Wyatt – Thorpe

“Love this workout, its really fun and you know when you’ve finished its been a good workout!” Carly Prankerd – Chepstow

“Been here a few weeks now and I’m loving it!! Great Workout, nice people and a top class fitness instructor 🙂 Ends a long day at work on a positive note, every time. Every body should give this a go” Tanya Maggs – Manchester

“I joined this great team on 2nd June 2011 and have only missed 3 sessions. I couldnt run to save myself and now I can. I can also do numerous exercises now, which before were such an effort. Im even going to climb Mount Snowdon on 1st of October. Apart from all this exercise and meeting new people all the time, we have such a great laugh the instructors are down to earth lassies who actually know what their doing. I’m so glad I found them” Miss. Findlay – Windsor

Definately well worth doing – just the job for anyone who wants to improve their fitness and great for us paddlers – at club or GB level …” Alan Parfrey GB Masters Dragonboat Coach.

” I really enjoy going to Milworkout and have seen an improvement in my fitness since I started going, I only wish I had joined earlier” Miss. Giel – Windsor

“Three inches from my waist in just one month! I have much more energy and feel so much less stressed” Mrs. Button – Addlestone

“Good fun as well as a great workout” Vickie Allcock – Manchester

“It’s ten times better than the gym.” Miss. Patchell – Addlestone

“I thought I was fit, because I do so much running, but this has taken my fitness to a whole new level, I love it being outside, being with company and it is so exhilarating because the trainers are so supportive. No one is left behind, no one feels intimidated, even if they have never been before.” Mr. McMahon – Windsor

“As alternative to monotonous treadmills, and repetitive weights, it stands head and shoulders above. You may even make some friends. You won’t be the most unfit person there, and you won’t be the fittest. And if you think you are the fittest there, you can be sure the trainer will find some muscle-burning way to bring you back down to Earth.”
Russell Butt, reporter Staines News

The instructors who work for Military Workout are amazing always helping you to improve in a safe and helpful way. I have been to many other bootcamps in the Windsor area but Military Workout is just different, friendly, caring and yet still will make you as fit as you have ever been. Brilliant don’t go anywhere else. Mr G Lewry – Windsor

“Great way to get back in to exercise especially if like me you need a helping hand. Have been going for about 6 weeks now and am already feeling much fitter. It keeps my interest as no two classes are the same. Was nervous about going on my own but had no need to be as everyone is really, friendly and there is a good mix of age and ability.” Mrs. Hill – Windsor

“Be proud of me, I just ran my first ever whole 5k in 38mins, couldnt of done that a year ago, thanks Military Workout.” Jessica Cross – Thorpe


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